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Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

Stacie Eckler

Posted on January 05 2020

I wanted to start the year out with a blog post saying goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020.  I did write one and had it ready, but I just didn’t feel it, so I never posted it.  I went back and read it today, and then realized why I never released it…it puts off a lot of negative vibes.  With all the negativity these days, I strive to be positive…not only for myself, but for all of you too!


So, goodbye 2019. I will not miss my daughter being extremely sick right at high school graduation time. I will not miss both of my kids having their wisdom teeth removed at the same time. I will not miss the bills we had to pay for braces and for me backing into someone.  I will not miss my Dad going into the hospital over Father’s Day weekend, and watching his health quickly decline. I will not miss watching him die, nor will I miss the visitation or funeral.  I also will not miss the heartbreak I tried to bring myself out of the rest of the year.


Hello 2020. I will not dwell on the bad things that came in 2019. I will celebrate all the amazing things this year has the possibility to bring. So many good things are already happening, and I choose to focus on those good things. It’s the only way I, and really, we, can make it.  Choose to live each day with purpose and do and be the best you can.


I feel like 2020 is such a year of significance for me.  I turn 40 this year.  It will be my 20th wedding anniversary.  Inspired Designs Boutique turns 4.  My son turns 16 and my daughter will be 20.  This will be my year. I will have the best year ever personally and in business.  I have initiated things that are already making things fall in to place to make both happen. 


I refuse to give in to the negatives and I WILL have my best year ever.  I hope you do too.