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New Year, Same Me (Part 1)

Stacie Eckler

Posted on January 21 2019

A new year brings the opportunity to look back and reflect on the previous year. It allows you to see what you did or didn’t do that you wanted to or thought you would do...Which is why, it is so common for folks to make resolutions based on those reflections.

I decided that I wasn’t going to do that to myself this year. If you didn’t already know from previous blog posts, I suffer from anxiety and depression and I have learned making resolutions add additional anxiety that is not needed in my life. 🙌🙌🙌

Instead, I have decided to focus on just being me. 👌

One of the biggest resolutions that people make are to lose weight. In the past, that would have been one of my resolutions, because in the last year, I have probably gained more weight than any other year ever…besides when pregnant. As a matter of fact, I am now at the weight I was both times I delivered. I’m not normally hung up about my weight, but this does bother me somewhat, because both times I was pregnant, I was asked several times if I was having twins. So to see that same weight on the scale is very humbling.

When I was in school, I never thought a thing about my weight, but once I graduated from high school, those little fairies that go into your closet at night and make your clothes smaller…seemed to never stop following me. 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

This year though, I have made a promise to myself that I’m not going to put that big weight loss resolution that I always fail at in my face. Yes, I would like to lose some weight, but it is not the biggest priority in my life and, I just don’t feel like going down that road this year.

My husband tells me every day that he loves me and my body is perfect. I know that my body isn’t perfect. I can clearly see that, but it is perfect to him.

It has taken me awhile, but I know he is very serious about it. He tells me I’m beautiful or that I look sexy just about every single day. 😍

Even the days, that I’m feeling really depressed and I drag myself out of bed, don’t wear any makeup, and put on a hat. ❤

I’m so thankful to have him as a best friend.
Yes, I’m overweight. I’m not going to say that it is okay, because it’s not healthy and I do know that.

What I have decided to do this year is to try to make some gradual changes:

- I love coffee. Like, really LOVE, coffee. I drink it all day long and do not drink any water. I’m trying to be very intentional about adding more water to my diet. This is the first thing I am trying to do for myself this year as far as my diet goes, but I’m not calling it a resolution. I didn’t expect to be perfect at it at first and I decided that until I get this water increase down pat…I’m not even worried about any other aspect of my diet.
- I have too many other things I am focused on which involves spending time with my family, helping my family pay bills, and having a successful business. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🤑🎉

There are many more important things in life than being skinny. I hate that society places such a focus on it and that so many women are focused on being skinny.

Sometimes, I feel like I fail my customers because I can’t model every single top that we get in that includes a size medium.

However, I have been in this business long enough to know that I have LOVED items that were on a hanger that looked like crap on me.

Then...some items that don’t catch the eye on a hanger, look really good on me.

This is why I always stress to come in and try that item on, before you say that you can’t wear it.

This is what I love about having an actual store that you can shop at.

My body is not made to look good in everything. Yours probably isn't either.

When it comes to dressing to feel good no matter what size you are, accessories do matter.

A long necklace 📿 can make a top look better on me if there is too much solid color and bulkiness on top that make my shoulders look even broader and my head even smaller.

The best thing to feeling good no matter your size, is finding the styles that make you feel good about yourself. 🤗

My staff and I are open books.

We will tell you if we like something on you and we love to be able to help women leave our boutique with purchases that make them feel amazing. All you have to do is ask our opinion.

If you are like the many that made a resolution to lose weight and you already feel like you failed. Just remember that no matter your size, you are always you. Your size does not make you a different person.

Yes, be intentional on some changes that you would like to make, but don’t stress yourself out about it. There are way more important things in life than weighing more than you think you should.

I encourage you to not take the New Year, New Me stance.

Instead, remember that we are all perfectly imperfect and just strive to be the best you that you can be. 🤩😍☺